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22 Ottobre 2015
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On Call Assistance
22 Ottobre 2015
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Environmental Engineering and Consulting srl

Environmental Engineering and Consulting srl is a leading global provider of Environmental, Health, Safety, Risk, Training and Engineering consulting services, E.E.CO. has sustainability at the heart of both our services and how we operate our business.

EECO srl seasoned team of professional environmental and safety consultants provides superior solutions for environmental, natural, cultural and sustainable resource needs in private and public sectors. Recognized for excellent customer service and industry-leading technical expertise, EECO is specializes in key industrial sectors  including: Food, Mechanical, Power, Manufacturing, Chemical and Pharmaceutical.

Our six core services are designed to meet the broad range of our clients’ changing needs.

1. Engineering Services: Supporting the development and implementation of sustainability strategies, programs and tools for industries

2. Impact Assessment and Planning: Helping clients to understand and manage the full cycle of effects their operations can have on the atmospheric environment including regulatory support to ensure long term, successful compliance

3. Performance and Assurance: Helping corporations reach their EHS performance potential and manage EHS risks

4. Training Services: Our training products have been developed and delivered to the highest of standards. Training is based on credible examples and experiences, and can be tailored to meet the client’s specific requirements, including their unique work environment. 

5. Contaminated Site Management: Creating strategies and implementing projects to help clients best manage their contaminated sites 

6. Risk Management: Quantifying and managing the Safety Risks associated with hazardous installations and processes, with the objective of protecting people, assets and the environment

As a nationwide provider, training can be delivered directly at the client’s site or at one of our purpose built training centres located in Caserta and Napoli. 

We put as much effort and energy into the development of our products as we do the delivery of the courses and the provision of our after sales support. We stand behind our product and know that your staff’s performance is critical to your company’s long term health and safety future.

Example of our Services

  • Project risk and safety support, including decision support
  • Quantitative Risk Assessments (QRA)
  • HAZID, HAZOP, FMEA Reviews
  • Drilling/SIMOPs Risk Assessment
  • Process Safety Management
  • Offshore Safety Cases, HSE Cases, COMAH
  • HSE Impact Assessments (HSEIAs)
  • Bridging Documents
  • Formal Safety Assessments
  • Safety Culture Diagnostic and Implementation of  Improvement Measures
  • HSE Management Systems
  • Human Factors Assessment
  • Consequence Modeling and Analyses
  • SIL, LOPA, FMEA Studies
    Bow-tie Analyses, Safety Critical Elements Identification and Performance Standards
  • Emergency Response Assessments and Planning
  • Reliability, Availability, and Maintainability (RAM) Studies
  • Corporate Risk Profiling
  • Enterprise Risk Management
  • Risk Software Development
  • Site and Route Selection Studies
  • Environmental, Social, Health and Economic Impact Assessments
  • Environmental, Social and Health Management and Action Plans
  • Biodiversity Monitoring and Management Plans
  • Resettlement Planning and Implementation Support
  • Land Use Planning, Masterplans, and Landscape Architecture
  • Permitting Requirements Analyses and  Support
  • Public Consultation and Stakeholder Engagement
  • Management and Monitoring of Environmental, Social and Health aspects during Project Construction